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BRUUN Blommor

Terms & Guarantees

We always reward the highest quality of service, floristry, aesthetics and florals.

If our pursuit of exclusive standards falls short somewhere along the way, we'd love to hear about it.
Just as we appreciate and want to hear when you are satisfied with your goods or experiences.

Our seven florists cares for you as our customer and without exception want to offer both transparency in terms of care and expectations for our products at the same time as courteous treatment.
From your first contact to the final character of the item, we offer genuineness and personality.

Welcome to contact us.


Fresh produce

Each stem is cared for by hand to reach it's full capacity at it's final destination, each plant is selected based on character from what the season offers.

We are happy to share care advice and facts for best durability and meeting your expectations.

* Cut flowers are advertised within 48 hours.

Guaranteed durability 3-5 days.
However, many flowers stand much longer

* Potted plants are advertised within 72h. This is so that we, in turn, will have the opportunity to advertise the product further to the supplier and so that external influences such as home environment or maintenance will not have had time to affect the quality of the product.

* Valid complaints are submitted with presentation of a receipt

* The item is shown and returned in connection with a complaint to assess what happened
* In the event of a complaint, compensation is issued in the form of a credit valid for 2 years

* Complaints are not possible at a discounted price

* When purchasing fresh produce, open purchase or exchange rights do not apply


* Open purchase for 7 days

* Right of exchange 30 days

* Receipt must be presented in connection with return or repurchase
* Redemption or right of exchange not possible at a discounted price

Personal data

By shopping at BRUUN, the customer accepts our data protection policy and our processing of your personal data. We protect your privacy and do not collect more information than is necessary to process orders. In order to handle orders and answer questions related to your order, we store first name, last name, address, phone number and email address. For specified purposes, personal data may be disclosed to other companies that the group works with, for example shipping companies to be able to send your order to the intended address.
In accordance with the GDPR, no information is disclosed to the recipient or anyone else, without the sender's approval.
When making purchases, information is shared with our payment providers. The payment services we use are Swish, Stripe, Fortnox and ABBTA cash register.
The person in charge of personal data is Laurus Blommor AB, org no. 556460-3016.


Flower Delivery is a cherished concept of caring for one's surroundings, even with us at Bruun. We carefully package each product in the way that is most economical towards the environment without compromising on the product's quality.

* When booking a flower delivery, the recipient is always contacted to confirm their details. This is to ensure that the delivery goes smoothly and to ensure that the order reaches the recipient.
* Late feedback from the recipient can generate delayed delivery as we have to reach the recipient in good time before the courier collects to prepare for delivery.
* We inform the sender via phone or SMS if the delivery looks like it will be sent on a different day than agreed.
* The delivery is delivered sometime during the day and is placed outside the door unless the additional cost for direct delivery is paid.

* Bids sent with approval from the sender without contact with the recipient are sent at the sender's own risk.

* Cut flowers are only prepared when the delivery is confirmed in order for the flowers to be fresh, we therefore cannot guarantee exact flower choices or colors, but create according to the daily supply inspired by the sender's wishes and current season.
* In the case of a special agreement on materials, we always give feedback to the customer about any changes.

* Bids that do not arrive due to incorrect information despite confirmation from either sender or receiver are returned to the store, after which a new delivery cost must be charged for a new delivery attempt. Alternatively, the goods can be picked up by the recipient or sender in the store at Karlavägen 72A without extra charges.

* Goods that have been prepared and sent for delivery but returned to the store cannot be refunded.
* BRUUN cannot take responsibility for delays/errors as a result of circumstances beyond the company's control (Force Majeure). This can be, for example, demonstrations, blockades, natural disasters, police operations, fires, war, authority decisions, theft after the item has left the store or non-appearance of the item due to the supplier.

Collect in store

* When buying flowers or goods to collect in store, the flowers should be picked up on the intended day at Karlavägen 72A during our opening hours.
* If the flowers are not collected on the intended day, the collection will be canceled for unpaid items.
* We are unable to store sold potted plants or furnishings for longer than 7 days due to limited space.

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